So to promote Lemontree at the UoH we’re doing a spot of reality point collecting.. by being present on the plasma screens dotted around the place, and customising the visuals one school at a time, I don’t know how we’d go about this if we didn’t know so many people there in each school.  Thanks to Jay Bowker @ Business School for being so prompt and taking these photos of the plasma displays where these little call to actions are displayed! 

Interestingly within about an hour of posting these up, we had a surge in the business school, primarily one user who has valiantly been defending the business school in a bit of frenzied fashion by borrowing lots of books and returning them really quickly.

Technically what he’s doing is a bit naughty- but it is sort of playful and this kind of thing happens all the time and is only by a tiny minority of users!  We were thinking of implementing the ‘cooldown period’ feature for each item borrowed after we saw him doing it though!

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